Don’t Panic

The interesting thing about working at a 23 year old computer company is what you find when you get ready to relocate the office. I got designated as the “museum curator” during the move preparations, so I’m collecting classic elements of classic computing as we toss obsolete equipment.

During the move I sifted through the never-completely-cleaned office of an ex-boss to find this …

Yes, it’s the original version of the classic Infocom text adventure … The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It has everything from the original packaging except for the “DON’T PANIC” button. Pictures are posted to my flickr account.

3 Replies to “Don’t Panic”

  1. I have an original instruction manual and diskette for Akalabeth, along with the packaging, etc., of Exodus Ultima III.

    Alas, my dad and I pitched and/or sold a lot of similar stuff a long time ago when we were cleaning things out. We thought nobody (including us) would ever want that “old junk.” We both regret doing that now.

  2. I fortunately[*] have several boxes of old games, including a lot of complete Infocom games, in boxes in one of our closets.

    [*] Misty might disagree.

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