Taipei: Working for a Living

The past few entries concerning Taipei make it sound like I’m one of those gallivanting chefs on a travel show, stopping in some foreign city for a few pints and an exotic meal.

Truth is Brian gotta work for a living. Sunday rolls in and it’s time to prepare for a trade show.

Sunday is a working day when your tradeshow starts Monday morning. I had to stop by the TICC to check-in and register as a speaker. I ended up having lunch with one of my customers from Germany then ending the evening with a band (but I’ve already told that story).

Monday is the real working day, when I have a full day at the trade show and my own presentation. Keynote speeches, technical rehearsals, the actual speech, Q&A sessions and lots of business cards trading hands. And the end of that day there’s still dinner with the CEO & the head of our local office, plus the pesky e-mail that never seems to go away.

Tuesday … no speech for me, but more of the same trade show grind. I manage to catch a small break in the afternoon for some electronics shopping then back to the office for another round of e-mail. It’s not nearly as exciting or bloggable as the nightlife, but I’m not really paid to blog these days.

Tuesday night, the last hurrah in Taipei … but that’s another story for another post …

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