Annoying parts of DTV

The blog at has a great list today … “What Annoys Us About The End Of Analog TV?

* Having to make new digital-compliant tinfoil hats
* Aliens behind “The Outer Limits” can no longer control the vertical or horizontal
* We’re stuck with all this unsold analog TV equipment – we knew nobody would want it, but it was just so cheap
* No more pretending we have MTV when UHF channels get audio bleed from radio stations
* Mad scientists who hijack television signals in order to describe their plans to a world held hostage can no longer get away with skipping makeup
* Now inevitable that Jack White will announce his plan to start making videos in analog
* One more reason for our relatives to think we’re weirdos for not having cable
* That old guy from Videodrome who existed only as recordings no longer meets current standards
* Not being able to watch TV most of the time because the digital signals are such crap

2 Replies to “Annoying parts of DTV”

  1. The funny thing is, I had no idea this change was coming, or even what it entailed. I haven’t actually “watched TV” in years.

  2. You will get to watch TV sometime. And when you don’t, you’ll spend an hour trying to scan for those channels you watched before and they won’t show up and you’ll miss your favorite shows.

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