The Three Photo Sequence

I’ve put some of my video habit aside to work on photography, thanks to my new Canon Rebel T1i. On my last photo outing to the Little Five Points Halloween Parade, I captured a classic three photo sequence. This requires a little bit of explanation so you understand the source of the funny.

Note: one of the photos is in slightly poor taste. It’s not what I would call “not safe for work” but it’s borderline. Also, my Mom might not like it very much … just warning you in advance …

The fun thing about video is that you get all of the frames before, during and after a particular event. You get the events as they unfold in time. With photography you have to capture those events more precisely, but you have a lot more detail to study. Less is spelled out for you, the details get filled in by your imagination. This is why I shoot details more when I play photographer, and spend a lot of time capturing the whole scene when working with video.

Take this Halloween parade costume for instance … it’s the little details that really make it stand out …

Yes, those two little details right there … between the legs … yeah …

Reactions to this costume varied. Many people never saw those two little dangling details, distracted by the rest of the costume (which was quite good). During the parade, I did manage to accidentally capture the crowd’s reaction while getting more pictures.

This is where I reveal the three photo sequence.

1. Recognition

2. Acknowledgment

3. Reaction

This was a hidden gem that made sorting over 400 pictures (most of which I threw out) really worth it. Capturing moments in photos is fun … telling a story through photos is better.

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  1. I laughed. How do you ever think I survived raising 3 children (one of them you) without a sense of humor. Plus, there was always Alice.

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