The TSA at SEA-TAC Airport just doesn’t give a damn about the passengers. Thanks guys.

Lots of flights leaving around midnight… only one checkpoint open in the south terminal, no premium line or Pre Check to alleviate the pressure. Broken scanning system for electronic boarding passes… they don’t tell you until you’ve made it to the head of the line, you have to exit the line and get a paper boarding pass.

And by the way, you can’t do that 30 minutes before the flight at a kiosk… even when you’re checked in already.

So thanks to Delta Airlines, who actually gives a damn if I leave the ground on time. Debbie is the red coat agent who fixed my ticket, walked with me to security, got me around the BS and got me into my seat with time to spare.

I appreciate being treated like a passenger, not cattle. You don’t create an effective security environment by pissing off the people you’re “protecting”. Atlanta actually does a good job with the nonsense thrust upon them by the TSA, so Seattle has homework.

Several Delta employees got my praise today as I sprinted through the airport. They actually seemed to appreciate it. I won’t bother giving my feedback to the TSA agents in Seattle, because I don’t think they give a damn.



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