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My Deck of Travel Cards

Part of being a successful traveler is staying organized. That includes all of the cards I use with hotels, airlines and assorted government entities.

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The TSA at SEA-TAC Airport just doesn’t give a damn about the passengers. Thanks guys.

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I am Jack’s Vibrating Luggage

It’s never a good thing when you show up for your flight and the police have roped off your airline’s registration counter. But that happened to me last Monday.
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Trust Is A Funny Thing

Here’s a few updates on the CBP Trusted Traveler & TSA Pre Check program I discussed in an earlier post. It’s the classic “good news, bad news” situation you find with an government program. I’ll even throw in a bonus video at the end.
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Trust But Verify

Last Friday’s trip from Atlanta to Seattle featured the best security experience ever at an airport thanks to TSA Pre Check and the Trusted Traveler program … I just feel odd having to pay extra for the experience.

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Exploding Genital Jihad, the TSA and You

Ever since one man decided he hates the US more than he loves his crotch, I’ve been sitting back and waiting for the stupidity of security theater to kick in as the TSA & DHS put more misguided policies in place to look busy while still missing the point about airline security.

The Dutch, up until today, said little. When they did speak today, they actually talked about doing something useful.

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