Quote of the Morning

In the breakroom …

CEO: (to engineer) “They tell you in kindergarten never to believe everything you read.”

Me: “And in marketing, they tell you never believe everything you write.”

Happy Scheduletine’s Day

I may have lost my mind at work. After repeated threats, meetings, shouting matches and meetings with company directors I have yet to acquire the elusive “schedule” … so I’m resorting to weird e-mails …

Well, Valentine’s Day is coming tomorrow. I like to think that you care for the sales & marketing department (in ways that are in accordance with our human resources guidelines).

I’m not a complicated man … I don’t like flowers or expensive wines … I don’t need cards or jewelry …

Tomorrow I’d love to see a completed 2008 development plan. It would be the thing to show that you care about my feelings and respect my needs as a technical marketing engineer 🙂

I’ll be amazed if this works. If it does, I may have to bring chocolates and tell the engineering department they look pretty. “No, those poorly implemented features don’t make your code look bloated …”


Nothing else, just loaf. This is a real product.


And it’s not just “loaf”, it’s “value loaf” … a discount generic food, as if you expect Hickory Farms to have a “supreme loaf” next to it on the shelf.