It’s All Relative: Christmas Edition

So let me get this straight …

You dress up in a weird suit, put on a fake beard, talk in a funny voice and pretend to be someone else in a mall in December. You’re a normal part of the holiday season. This is accepted behavior. People are paid for this on a regular basis.

However …

If you do this any other time of year, you’re called a “cosplayer” and considered a freak. People laugh at you. Mall security follows you and may ask you to leave the property.

Best. Marketing. Evar.

This site is brilliant … … Wakey’z Drugmall is a fake site full of overly caffeinated products. The goal is to draw you into the Sleep Number Bed website, so you can get better sleep rather than stay awake using stimulants.

Some of my favorite products:

  • Night Owls – caffeinated barbecued owl wings
  • Cheetah Steaks – steaks marinated with caffeine
  • Defibrill-ade – energy drink
  • Adrenalens – adrenaline infused sailine solution

Also be sure to read the disclaimers … one of the side effects is “regret” 🙂

As a viral marketing tool, it’s utterly brilliant. Yes, I am perpetuating it, even though I do not use the bed as a product or am getting paid to endorse the product.