And now for something completely different … no wait, this is exactly the same!

Yes, this post is being made early in the morning for me. I don’t usually contemplate rising from bed before 7:00AM most mornings. I actually got to sleep at a reasonable hour for the first night since working tech at Dragon*Con. After awaking from some unremembered dream, I laid in bed and let random thoughts bounce through my head.

When I started planning stage direction and the introduction for The Dragon*Con 2003 Masquerade, I decided to get up and check my e-mail.
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Video Fu: Hot Animal Sex

Three words you never expected to see on my website. This the essence of video fu, a morph of some daily event into a completely different experience. Enjoy my treatment of the birds and the bees … courtesy of a few birds I randomly videotaped in Washington, DC.

Note: the file link has been removed for this entry. There are a lot of people downloading this video, too many really. Based on the fact that these downloads mostly come from video search engines, I assume people aren’t getting the joke and are really looking for animal pr0n. To ease the pain on my server the file is now gone. It was just two birds having sex to 70’s pr0n music … not a big deal.

Oh my God, talked about Kenny!

I was going to write my weekend update, but I had to post this first. I found this story on the front page of FoxNews …  South Park Won’t Kill Kenny Anymore.

It’s not shocking news to me … but it is shocking that the “fair and balanced” news network took notice. FoxNews has been doing a lot of cartoon-related reporting lately, like stories about Latin Americans lobbying Cartoon Network to put Speedy back on the air. I’m suprised to find such an interest in animation from a news network that isn’t owned by Warner Brothers.