Repeat Offender

This post comes to you from Delta Flight 276 from Tokyo-Narita to Detroit. I didn’t start my day in Tokyo, and I’m not ending it in Detroit. This is just part of my path home from a week in Taipei …

… but after week I’m heading back to the airport to do it all again.

Back-to-back trips like this used to be old hat for me. Six or seven years ago, I’d be in Asia several times a year. My travel died back to something a bit more sane, perhaps two or three international trips a year. With my change of employer, the travel seems to be back.

I guess this is what I get for showing competence in my area of supposed expertise. Thanks to Boeing, I’m rapidly putting distance between me and the testing event I attended. The original plan was simple … Fly in Sunday, setup on Monday, pack up on Friday, fly home Saturday. After that I’m home for a dear friend’s birthday, a Dragon*Con gathering and a presentation on Dragon*ConTV.

Great plan … which means it won’t work. A conference in Taipei came up for the week of November 7th after I had this trip completely booked. Originally this was not a problem, because we had someone to cover it. When that fell through they realized someone else had to take on the presentation.

High profile presentation for a very established software partner … yeah, that called me. I’m kinda used to it now.

The hardest part wasn’t deciding to do the presentation, it was deciding to come back for a week in the middle of the trip. Staying in Taipei for three weeks has a certain appeal to it. I love the city and have a good office to operate out of when I’m not at conferences. But that it another week away from home. My friends back home greatly outnumber those in Taipei, and there’s too many people I need to see next week.

Tray tables up, seat backs in their upright and locked position … only one more stop on my trip home.

Taipei: Weekend Update (part 2 of 2)

When we last left our free range engineer, he was traveling in the urban landscape of Taipei … enjoying street side meals, local bars and late evenings with his co-worker’s friends. This brings us to Saturday morning, where Brian will rise to meet a sunny day in Taiwan and explore the wonders of the city.

But first, Brian has to stumble to the bathroom. That wonderful local seafood dinner didn’t agree with the hero of our story.
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Nice bathroom

The hotel near our office has been upgraded since I last stayed here four years ago. The bathrooms are much nicer than before … which is good, since I’ve been in my room all day with an upset stomach.

Was it the nice local seafood meal that did me in? Jet lag? Staying up into the late hours drinking with office mates? Well, one or more of those cause Saturday to turn into a sick day. Since I don’t have the other nasty symptoms associated with a hangover, I’ll take the jet lag combined with eagerly stuffing my gullet with a great assortment of local seafood. The stomach is recovering, and I’ll try not to abuse it tonight.

Aside from the twisted tummy last night was fun. It’s good to hang with folks from the home office, folks from the local office and their local pals. We’ll see how social Saturday gets … just as soon as I hit the 7-11 for a light carbonated beverage.