Who Needs Sleep?

Despite life being good, I had trouble sleeping this weekend. Last night’s dream didn’t help at all.

I dreamed that my co-workers had taken over Dragon*ConTV, ignored my plans, turned it into a musical production (possibly BollyWood, since many of them are Indian), and completely messed it up. Most of the dream was the meeting where the production was revealed, and my irritated response when they didn’t understand why I was mad.

So is this a sign that I am too wrapped up over DCTV, or that I am not fond of my co-workers’ inability to follow specs & plans?

3 Replies to “Who Needs Sleep?”

  1. Yes.

    Now, if Chris will just chime in on the wrestling commercial this makes me think of. (It’s the singing that did it. He’ll know.)

  2. I have seen that one, where the WWE wrestlers act out "West Side Story" … it’s very disturbing.

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