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Strange Layovers

Here, for your amusement, is the strange flight plan of one Brian Richardson … business traveler and cross-country geek.

  • Sunday – 2:30pm flight to Austin, TX (booked two days ago thanks to last minute meeting with major computer company)
  • Monday – 8:00am meeting at major computer company, scheduled to be done by 10:00am. Return to airport, flight back to Atlanta. Arrive at 6:00pm, have dinner with spouse & friend. Stay at friend’s house because it’s a lot closer to the airport.
  • Tuesday – 8:00am flight to Phoenix, AZ (yes, departing at 8:00am). Arrive in Phoenix, drive to Scottsdale. Check into conference for lunch. Attend “networking” event disguised as a four hour off-road vehicle commercial masquerading as a “desert adventure” tour. Dinner with Kat & Sean.
  • Wednesday – Full day (8:00am to 10:00pm) with computer folks at an industry meeting
  • Thursday – Industry meeting then dinner somewhere (maybe with Michael R. Mennegea).
  • Friday – Day off in Phoenix. Visit Jake in Mesa during the day, run off for dinner in the evening. Buy booze for Saturday.
  • Saturday – Invade Draco Vista studios at noon for Wingin’ It 3D. I think I need the booze to pay the troll under the bridge at Michael’s moat (how can you afford to keep a moat filled in Arizona, anyway?). WIll probably wear my kilt just because I can. Flight home at 6:00pm (not sure if flying in the kilt is a good plan).

Yes, that’s two round-trip tickets in one week. I am going to kick the crap out of that roaming gnome if I see him anywhere.

Built Into My System

You know times have changes when your mom bugs you about your recent lack of blogging. She did it over the phone talking to my wife. I’ll be more worried when she starts following me on Twitter, or calling the voice mail line for my podcast.

But I didn’t come here to talk about my mother … I came here to talk about music & martial arts.

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I have been a busy boy the past few months … well, busy everywhere but here.

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The Public Radio Talent Quest

So I entered a contest today …
The Public Radio Talent Quest
Yep, I entered the NPR Public Radio Talent Quest (and, for bonus points, at the absolute last minute). If you think I should have a shot at hosting a NPR program, then send a vote my way. It may be a total mistake, since my salary as an engineer may soar above that of a public radio host, but it looks like fun.

Morning has broken … somebody call the repair man

*grumble* I have a cat that won’t sleep in. Where is the snooze button on Dite?

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WhatTheCast: Episode 7

Episode 7 of WhatTheCast is posted.